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Evaluation Question 4

How did you use media technologies in the construction and research, planning and evaluation stages?

Below is a Wix site to answer question 4 of the evalution.
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Evaluation Question 3

What have you learned from your audience feedback?

After showing our music video to the class, we asked some of the students to give us some feedback as to what they think of our efforts.

I interviewed a few class members and this is what they had to say…

Some other students gave me some written feedback:
'It is very charming. The lip-syncing is very slick. Some of the shots are very striking especially the sun and field scenes. However, is the song not about how the protagonist cannot get the person she admires, so how come she is smiling? The dog is quite random as well. On the other hand the dog adds normality to the music video, this sets it apart from other music videos, which means it can become more relatable for the audience. You have also flattered Imogen very well with the dull colours and bleaching which follows one of the conventions of music videos.' - Lily Vetch

‘I thought over all you have a brilliant video. The editing is smooth and to the beat throughout. You have used a number of different techniques which work well together, stop motion, slow motion and the computer thing which is my best bit :)
You do not have too many different effects which is bonus. And nice twist at the end with Matt..
The way you return to the lip sync holds the whole thing together, and they are on time.
I do not have any criticisms; i really like it’ - Maud Start

‘I really like the way you've put a male in the video to relate 'Imogen's' feelings for him. I also like that the whole thing is in the same colour wash black and whitish.
I don’t like that the boy only appears right at the beginning and right at the end, would have been better if he appeared at other stages too. BUT LOVE IT!’ – Teresa Alba Vazquez

We also put our films on facebook:

We also have looked at the data on youtube to see where our film has been played and by whom:

There has been a nice mixture of positive and negative feedback in regards to the music video. Overall I am happy with the feedback as I can see where each individual is coming from when the point out negative features. Looking at the statics from youtube, our audience is largey dominated by females. I can see this point myself as when I spoke to others about my video, if they were male they didn’t really have a lot to say as I do believe they struggled to make the same emotional connection as the females will have done.

However, I do think the storyline is unclear. We have tried to keep a mysterious theme within our film. The protagonists face does not become of image until just before the first chorus is played. As well with Matt the male in our film, we show his body up to his neck at the very beginning but do not show his face to keep the viewer uncertain as to who the character is. The basic idea behind the video is that the girl is in love with the boy but she can never have him. She is feeling lost and lonely so has a great relationship with her dog as ‘a god is a man’s best friend’ she finds comfort in having the dog around to fill her gap. We have kept mystery a key part as the song is all about this boy but you don’t know who is and you really want to find out. So, in the last few seconds the boy appears on screen but this time a shot is taken from his feet right up to his face allowing the audience to make reference to who the song is about and who the boy from the beginning was. Overall this was the only negative point that we received in our feedback. If I was to do this again, I would defiantly have made the storyline clearer and would possibly have shown some shots of how the couple had been before they had split. In a style quite like a foggy distant memory to express how long it had been since they had ended their relationship and I would have used effects such as opacity to play two clips over one another and the old film effect as the jitter on that effect would complement the idea of a foggy distant memory.

Evaluation Question 2

Evaluation Question 1

Wednesday, 14 March 2012

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Finished Digipak

Above is each panel in large.Below is the finished flat pack of our digipak

The image below is an annotation explaining the reasons for our images and where they have been placed.